Called to Love

The “Heart of the Gospel”
The calling God placed on my heart to “love” came to me when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second child. That particular morning, I dragged myself out of bed, struggled to get my daughter and myself ready and out the door on time to attend our weekly church service near our home. While I would like to believe I am more organized and put together than this, the reality is, I’m not (especially when I’m pregnant!). Nevertheless, I knew my church-going friends would understand and perhaps offer me a bit of empathy.
Throughout the month of November, my church was going through a series called “Unexplainable Joy” and on that day, they covered “The Heart of the Gospel”. Sitting there, I remember thinking, “I know the heart of the Gospel, its Jesus! Duh!”.
Boy, was there a bigger message in store for me that day.
The “Heart of the Gospel” they discussed was this: Love God and Love Others
Sounds easy right? . . . Ha! I wish!
I thought I had this “love” thing down. Its hard to love anything more than your own sweet babies (am I right!?). But the love that God calls us to in the Bible extends way beyond our small circle of loved ones. Jesus sure made it look easy during his time on Earth to love everyone, but I have learned that loving the difficult people in our lives, the estranged, the beggars, cheaters, and manipulators, is much harder than we would often like to admit. Nonetheless, God has called us to love God and love others. Don’t believe me? Read through Mark 12: 28-34, 1 John 4:7-21, and Romans 12:18-21 for starters.
1 John 4:19 says, “We love because he first loved us.” God loves each and everyone of us so much that he sent his son (HIS SON!) to die on the cross for our sins. He did that so that we may live in him, be guided by the Holy Spirit, and shine like stars among the Earth as his disciples. Boys and girls, we are called to love. Not love in a small, friendly gesture, I’ll hold the door for you way (although that is always appreciated), but in an all embracing, let me give you a big hug and a warm welcome because thats how Jesus would have done it way.
I am hoping that my words here on this page and the ones moving forward will share just a glimpse of the love God has for you and others. I can’t promise 100% accuracy, no grammatical errors, or even correct sentence structure, but I can promise that my words will come from a place of true love. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the support of my dear friends, and the Word of God, I desire to share his love. I hope you too can share love in the comments.
Let’s all go forth and love others the way God love(d)(s) us. There is no doubt that the world could use a little more love.

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